Get a Good Digital X-Ray

digital x-ray imaging

When you have an x-ray ordered by a doctor, you will need to go to an imaging clinic to have it done. It is a bit different than a traditional x-ray but it is the same procedure in a lot of ways. It still uses radiation but it uses lower doses and it does not use film but digital media.

The Digital Advantage

There are a number of real advantages to getting a digital x-ray. First of all, it is highly detailed and very clear. Next, it uses a lower amount of radiation and is not as costly since it does not require film exposure. The digital x-ray imaging is also faster and easier to share with medical professionals across distances.

As soon as you doctor orders the x-ray, you will need to go in and have it done. Find an imaging center that offers this service so you can be sure you have it done in a timely manner. After all, this test is rather important for you to get as soon as possible.

A Clear Image

The doctor is going for a clear image of your bones and other tissues. A digital x-ray is a little bit more accurate than the traditional film variety. It is easy for your doctor to see any damages or anything that looks out of the ordinary. If the image is still not clear enough to see, then the doctor may order more.

In fact, your doctor may order an open MRI or CT scan if the digital x-ray is not clear enough. It should be but you might have to do more tests to get a fully clear image.

Timely Turnaround

One of the advantages of this kind of scan is that it provides a very fast turnaround for the results to come back. You need to have this digital x-ray done sooner than later.